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As well as having the ability to add company-specific forms to the generic version of e/Forms, the software can be further customized to fit into any work environment and database structure. A total customized package may include company-specific forms, marketing materials, links to corporate standard client and contact management software, customized user interface, web pages with company logo and color schemes. The development costs for a customized version vary depending on the company requirements; please contact a ScanTech sales representative for more information. In addition to the development costs for a customized version the client must purchase user licenses. The licenses are distributed on a per Advisor basis and a single license can be installed on multiple computers, i.e. assistants; home PC and an Advisor’s notebook.

ScanTech can host the e/Forms pages from our co-location servers which will be linked via the company website at a cost of $500 per month. The servers will be located at our co-location site in the Cloud. The connection will be 100 Megabit with six backbones for redundancy. The monthly fee includes the use of the servers (main and backup), UPS, access to the Internet, boot-up service and regular system maintenance. Alternatively, the customer can host the pages provided ScanTech has access to the company website for program and form updates.

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