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ezTransfer batch processing software is designed to provide a much more efficient way of completing forms in a batch process where a few forms can be populated from databases that contain large number of clients. The forms are automatically populated and saved for further data entry, if required.

A typical application is when a number of advisors move from one dealership to another and new forms have to be filled for the new dealership or company for all of the clients. ezTransfer generates pre-populated forms automatically for selected forms and clients and stores them in a specified directory.


  • Saves time and reduces costs of manually filling forms for each client. – Professional looking documents.
  • Forms are updated regularly.
  • Reduces rejection rate at back-office.
  • All fields and check boxes on the forms are active and can be filled using a computer.
  • Client information is instantly filled into the fields on the preselected forms from Excel, CSV or MS Access database files.
  • Majority of client management systems can export data to these common formats supported by ezTransfer.
  • Blank forms are served from our secure servers but the data always stays on local system to meet compliance requirements.
  • Your dealer forms can be integrated into ezTransfer (at extra cost).
  • Instant access to the most up-to-date forms 24 hours a day and from anywhere.
  • Be up and running with ezTransfer within 15 minutes of ordering!
  • Tech support available through phone, email, or instant messenger.
  • Automatic program revisions and form updates each time you go online.

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